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Project Scope:

Branding & website

Project Description

Every now and then, an opportunity to work with a client that you really believe in comes along. This was one of those opportunities. Evanjáfrica is a ministry based in Mozambique that cares for orphans, widows and vulnerable children. Their primary work is with an orphanage and there are so many reasons that I love what they do. Here are a few:

  • They treat all the children who live there like family.
  • The orphanage is run by Mozambique nationals.
  • The vision for the ministry is to grow it across Africa, led by children who have come up through the orphanage and gone on to become pastors.

Their logo was in need of some serious love, (i.e. needed to be scrapped and redone), and it was an honor to get to craft a new visual identity for them. After the visual identity overhaul was complete, we embarked on a website redesign process and created a beautiful responsive website as the flagship for the new brand.

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